Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am a Hispanic Woman (or Latina for those who prefer the term).

Stereotypes: loud. "ghetto". greasy. illiterate. uneducated. slutty. big gold jewelry. spanish accent. urban music (read: hip-hop, reggaeton). thick (a bit chunky, if you will).

Me: normal tone. rocker. clean. loves to read. student in college. respects her body. costume jewelry and silver. perfect english. rock music (read: everything from indie and power-punk to metal and grunge). slim (even a bit tone, if you will).

So what's with this stereotype? I'm sick and tired of my family giving me "eyes" when they acknowledge my "rockera" lifestyle, and that I don't fall into their classification of Hispanic. All my cousins my age know the latest hip-hop tracks, and always have the latest rap album. I can appreciate that music sometimes, but it's not like I follow it all or choose to listen to it. I can't mention 1/3 of my kind of music to them, without them being clueless. Me? Rock show. Them? Nightclub.

So I take this blog post as an opportunity to shove it in everyone's faces: YOU'RE WRONG. There are plenty of Hispanics in the rock world, and I bet you wouldn't dare say they're "trying to be white". Here's to Latinos and Latinas of today doing their own thing and rocking out to their own beat.

These people either play, write, or listen to and represent rock music today.

Claudio Sanchez, frontman of the amazing progressive rock group Coheed & Cambria. He writes all the lyrics and primary song riffs, and the science fiction Coheed & Cambria comic series. Talent like you wouldn't believe. See the Puerto Rican flag on his guitar? F yes. I mean, come on, those kinky locks are an outright sign of the boriqua in him.

Trent from www.pinkisthenewblog.com
Sure, he's not literally a rockstar, but he might as well be. He blogs about them, has great fashion sense and tattoos, and breaks the mold. He's got his own style in life and in writing, and for that I respect him a lot.

Alfredo Hernandez, drummer
of bands Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss,
and Yawning Man.

Dave Navarro, guitarist of Jane's Addiction. Played with Red Hot Chili Peppers for one album. Released solo work ("Rexall", "Hungry"). Back on the market after splitting with Carmen Electra July 17, 2006. (hell yeah!)

El Hefe (Aaron Abeyta), guitarist in NOFX. You have to hear him do cartoon voice impersonations, he's fantastic. I'll be seeing him play at Warped Tour this year, and I can't friggin wait.

I plan to add to this list constantly, whenever I come across someone else who applies.

and of course, we all know about the wonderful askheychris ;)


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