Saturday, July 29, 2006


If you ever have the chance to see The Bouncing Souls live, do it. If it's the last 20 bucks you have, do it. It will be one of the most amazing shows you've ever been to. The crowd, the energy, the interaction. You can just go right up there and sing along with Greg. He'll pat you on your back as you dive back into the crowd (or just throw you back in if you're being obnoxious). During Manthem the band will invite everyone onstage for a mass-chant. During an encore, cross your fingers that they play my favorite, Kids and Heroes. No where else will you see die-hard Souls fans packed together in die-hard unity. That rush, when everyone around you is speaking the same words coming out of your mouth, at the same time, in tune with a truly excellent punk rock band, beating fists in the air, is the most powerful force to experience.

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Friday, July 28, 2006


I started this blog as a way to write freely, without any limitations. I came across the name when wondering if I wanted this blog to be a form of ex-inhibition, moving forward without any inhibitions; or a form of exhibition, a showcase of my thoughts. So I just took the easy route and mashed up the two words.

Inspiration to write has come from many different places. Books or novels I've read, poetry, prose, etc.--but the most pertainable inspiration for this blog has been other bloggers. I have to give a huge credit to a blog that I've been reading for a while now, askheychris.

I can't even dream that this blog will be close to that successful, or highly read, but it's definitely a style I look up to.

I'm a rocker. I go to shows every week when I can. I play my music loud and if you don't like it, that's your deal. Punk revival is slowly creeping in. I believe it. I stand behind it. Music is what I live for. The sweet sound of a band warming up on stage is what makes me breathe. For almost every occurrence, I'd rather be at a show. Indie-rock isn't as respected as it should be. The definition of Emo isn't a fashion, and it isn't the Fall Out Boy and Panic! you hear today. It's the Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, Juliana Theory, and Bright Eyes you heard years ago. The only exception I'll give is to what Dashboard and Taking Back Sunday have done--reinvent emo music to a newer more updated sound. I wish people would get that straight. Most of everything else is powerpop.

One day, it'll be me on stage. I'm a drummer. Yes, a chick drummer. When I chose to pick up drumming, people asked me, why not guitar? Because there are a million female guitarists. I wanted something different. I felt guitar was too predictable. I wanted to do something more drastic and unexpected. Plus, when I listen to a song, drums are the first thing I focus on. To me, it's the backbone. It's the beat. No drums, no song. I want to be that backbone. I'm not in a band yet, I'm far from it. I started recently and can play only a few songs, I need about another year or so. But the passion is there, all I have to do is keep my dream.

It's funny, sometimes I daydream about being in a band like I've already done it. I think about what kind of stageperson I would be. I want to be outrageous. I want to drum in my underwear and thigh-highs. I want to bug out and scare people. I want to play $3 shows in a hole in the wall in NYC or by my college, and then afterwards, party with everyone who came. Because it's about enjoying yourselves and making music. If I could do that for the majority of my life, I would be the happiest woman ever.

Thoughts on music industry these days? Share.