Monday, August 07, 2006

4. Punk Rock Summer Camp? Doubt It.

If you know anything rock, you know the Vans Warped Tour.
Since 1995, the Vans Warped Tour has been the biggest touring punk rock music festival, hosting as many as 100 bands per show. Tens of thousands of music lovers show up for this event year after year, and congregate approximately 10 different stages.

It's been a long ride since 1995, and what started as a punk rock and ska tour, now features mostly pop punk and alternative rock. This change is disappointing to Warped Tour Veterans, but good news for corporate sponsors and popular media. Some of the bands featured on the 2006 tour are:
30 Seconds to Mars
The Academy Is
Against Me!
Amber Pacific
Anti Flag
Armor For Sleep
The Audition
Billy Talent
The Bled
Bouncing Souls
Bullet For My Valentine
Buzzcocks Cartel
The Casualties
The Distance
The Early November
Eighteen Visions
Emanuel Emery
Every Time I Die
From Autumn To Ashes
From First To Last
The Fully Down
Gatsbys American Dream
Greeley Estates
Gym Class Heroes
I Voted For Kodos
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Less Than Jake
Lorene Drive
Motion City Soundtrack
My American Heart
Patent Pending
The Pink Spiders
Plain White T's
Protest The Hero
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rise Against
Saves The Day
Senses Fail
The SmashUp
The Sounds
The Spill Canvas

The New York show was this past Saturday, August 5th, and I could be found leaning against the barricade, front row, during the Bouncing Souls set. The Warped Tour is a bittersweet experience, hard to describe. You arrive with the intention of catching all of your favorite bands, and then you realize how nearly impossible it is. There's a blowup billboard with the lineup and schedule, and the chances of your selected bands not conflicting set times with each other are very slim.

Band favoritism aside, it is blatantly apparent how forced advertisements and commercial corporations overshadow the original and long-forgotten mission of the Warped Tour--pure music. Now, you have to have Cingular Wireless to cut lines or get updates via text messaging. You've been standing in blistering heat for hours and guess what? You have to pay four dollars for a bottle of Aquafina or Gatorade. "Scene" kids lurk by the tent, a website that has defined their entire lifestyle and robbed them of any fiber of originality left in their bone.

After checking out the blow-up lineup, I went to watch The Academy Is... perform. They played their classic "Slow Down", and followed with a cover of Gnarl's Barkley's "Crazy", which had all their fans confused as to whether they should be shocked and upset, or just dance along to William Beckett's crooning. Not five minutes into the set, the first mosh pit of the day was full under way, and I witnessed a kid kick-flip and land on his head (on concrete, mind you). He passed out and was carried away, beady eyes and all, by two nearby male fans. You gotta love them emo kids, they'll watch you break your neck in the pit but they'll wisk you away and take care of you immediately (and maybe even shed a tear or two). Had this been Ozzfest, that guy would've been mercilessly trampled.

I caught a glimpse of The Sounds, and also watched Motion City Soundtrack, Hellogoodbye, and the Pink Spiders. I am thoroughly confused by this new electronic wave taking over the Warped Tour. Ten years ago, bands with that kind of sound would never be considered to play. Now, it's the new fad. Long Island girls could be seen dancing to these bands in their miniskirts, singing every word, and calling out to their favorite member in desperate shrieks. Since when did Warped become the new Tiger Beat?

Then there are the more "hardcore" bands; Aiden, Underoath, 18 Visions, From Autumn To Ashes, Rise Against, and Thursday. Aiden was headlining this tour, and why a hardcore band is headlining Warped Tour is incomprehensible to me. Underoath was a no-show, they dropped the tour due to "friendship issues", which is speculated to be a cover-up to the possibility that they were offended by rude and crass comments made by Fat Mike of fellow Warped Tour band NOFX. 18 Visions is metal, and this is not Ozzfest. From Autumn To Ashes, Rise Against, and Thursday are all hardcore-type screamo, and no one associates punk music with screamo, EVER. Although, I was impressed by Thursday's performance, when lead singer Geoff broke his nose after bashing his face in with his microphone while swinging it, and continued the song and screamed his heart out all while forming a blood bath on stage, on his face, and on the mic in true rockstar fashion.

Then, I found it. The reason I had came, the reason Warped Tour was made. The last traces of original punk rock roots on this tour. No strangers to Warped Tour, Less Than Jake took the stage with a huge following. It was one of the few bands I had come to this show specifically for. Chris Demakes, guitarist and vocalist, made the comment, "It seems that bands today don't SING anymore. All they do is whine about their life and then scream uncontrollably." Chris then proceeded to comically demonstrate the hardcore screaming found in bands like Underoath. "But we're Less Than Jake, and me and Roger are going to SING you a f**king song." For their last song, Less Than Jake formed an enormous circle pit, and had the crowd more energized than I had ever seen. Soon after, the most appropriate band to follow up came on the same stage--The Bouncing Souls, another original band (1987 and still going strong) keeping up with the punk rock roots. They performed classics and new songs off their album The Gold Record. Front row was the place to be, and every kick to the head and blow to the face by crowdsurfers was worth the most amazing show at Warped Tour. Michael McDermott, drummer, had the most adorable daughter, who would come out with Bouncing Souls headphones to block out the noise, and a supersoaker to spray the fans with much appreciated water.

Bands with the same values still remain, they're just harder to find. Anti-Flag held it down, The Buzzcocks weren't at the NY show (but they will always be punk rock grandfathers, no less), and The Casualties played like it was the punk rock peak of the '80s. Joan Jett had the hugest audience, and kept the essence of rock and roll alive with an AMAZING set. 47 years old and still rocking out strong. Against Me! is half there--if you look hard you can start to see the band becoming jaded ever since they signed on to a major record label. They performed a highly ironic song-- "Reinventing Axl Rose" --with lyrics as follows:

"We want a band that plays loud and hard every night / That doesn't care how many people are counted at the door / That would travel one million miles and ask for nothing more than a plate of food and a place to rest / They'd strike chords that cut like a knife / It would mean so much more than t-shirts or a ticket stub / They'd stop at nothing short of a massacre / Everyone would leave with the memory that there was no place else in the world / And this was where they always belonged / We would dance like no one was watching / With one fist in the air / Our arena just basements and bookstores across an underground America / With this fire we could light / Just gimme a scene where the music is free / And the beer is not the life of the party"

This is obviously not what they're about anymore, in fact few bands found on this tour are. The point is, the band's music is losing meaning and they're just becoming part of what they once were trying to fight.

I skipped NOFX, because although I am not a fan of hardcore music and therefore don't really listen to Underoath, I was offended by their anti-religion comments, and how they told people to leave their show if they were Christian and believed in Jesus at their Wisconsin Warped Tour, and made fun of Underoath having Christian band members, and proceeding to dedicate their song "Idiot Son of an A**hole" to Jesus Christ.

Yes, punk rock is best when it's offensive, but when you single out a specific religion and alienate all of your Christian fans, all while personally attacking a fellow band, it's going too far. Especially when you can barely play your instruments.

Evidently, it's clear that the Warped Tour of today is marketed to be accomodating. It covers all bases. It's got metal, it's got punk. It's got that preppy nerdcore electronic dance band on a stage not too far from a depressing slit-your-wrists black make-up clad goth band. And it's not going to change anytime soon, so just pick your entrees and be prepared to get force-fed a side of crap to go along with it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am a Hispanic Woman (or Latina for those who prefer the term).

Stereotypes: loud. "ghetto". greasy. illiterate. uneducated. slutty. big gold jewelry. spanish accent. urban music (read: hip-hop, reggaeton). thick (a bit chunky, if you will).

Me: normal tone. rocker. clean. loves to read. student in college. respects her body. costume jewelry and silver. perfect english. rock music (read: everything from indie and power-punk to metal and grunge). slim (even a bit tone, if you will).

So what's with this stereotype? I'm sick and tired of my family giving me "eyes" when they acknowledge my "rockera" lifestyle, and that I don't fall into their classification of Hispanic. All my cousins my age know the latest hip-hop tracks, and always have the latest rap album. I can appreciate that music sometimes, but it's not like I follow it all or choose to listen to it. I can't mention 1/3 of my kind of music to them, without them being clueless. Me? Rock show. Them? Nightclub.

So I take this blog post as an opportunity to shove it in everyone's faces: YOU'RE WRONG. There are plenty of Hispanics in the rock world, and I bet you wouldn't dare say they're "trying to be white". Here's to Latinos and Latinas of today doing their own thing and rocking out to their own beat.

These people either play, write, or listen to and represent rock music today.

Claudio Sanchez, frontman of the amazing progressive rock group Coheed & Cambria. He writes all the lyrics and primary song riffs, and the science fiction Coheed & Cambria comic series. Talent like you wouldn't believe. See the Puerto Rican flag on his guitar? F yes. I mean, come on, those kinky locks are an outright sign of the boriqua in him.

Trent from
Sure, he's not literally a rockstar, but he might as well be. He blogs about them, has great fashion sense and tattoos, and breaks the mold. He's got his own style in life and in writing, and for that I respect him a lot.

Alfredo Hernandez, drummer
of bands Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss,
and Yawning Man.

Dave Navarro, guitarist of Jane's Addiction. Played with Red Hot Chili Peppers for one album. Released solo work ("Rexall", "Hungry"). Back on the market after splitting with Carmen Electra July 17, 2006. (hell yeah!)

El Hefe (Aaron Abeyta), guitarist in NOFX. You have to hear him do cartoon voice impersonations, he's fantastic. I'll be seeing him play at Warped Tour this year, and I can't friggin wait.

I plan to add to this list constantly, whenever I come across someone else who applies.

and of course, we all know about the wonderful askheychris ;)

Saturday, July 29, 2006


If you ever have the chance to see The Bouncing Souls live, do it. If it's the last 20 bucks you have, do it. It will be one of the most amazing shows you've ever been to. The crowd, the energy, the interaction. You can just go right up there and sing along with Greg. He'll pat you on your back as you dive back into the crowd (or just throw you back in if you're being obnoxious). During Manthem the band will invite everyone onstage for a mass-chant. During an encore, cross your fingers that they play my favorite, Kids and Heroes. No where else will you see die-hard Souls fans packed together in die-hard unity. That rush, when everyone around you is speaking the same words coming out of your mouth, at the same time, in tune with a truly excellent punk rock band, beating fists in the air, is the most powerful force to experience.

DO IT. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006


I started this blog as a way to write freely, without any limitations. I came across the name when wondering if I wanted this blog to be a form of ex-inhibition, moving forward without any inhibitions; or a form of exhibition, a showcase of my thoughts. So I just took the easy route and mashed up the two words.

Inspiration to write has come from many different places. Books or novels I've read, poetry, prose, etc.--but the most pertainable inspiration for this blog has been other bloggers. I have to give a huge credit to a blog that I've been reading for a while now, askheychris.

I can't even dream that this blog will be close to that successful, or highly read, but it's definitely a style I look up to.

I'm a rocker. I go to shows every week when I can. I play my music loud and if you don't like it, that's your deal. Punk revival is slowly creeping in. I believe it. I stand behind it. Music is what I live for. The sweet sound of a band warming up on stage is what makes me breathe. For almost every occurrence, I'd rather be at a show. Indie-rock isn't as respected as it should be. The definition of Emo isn't a fashion, and it isn't the Fall Out Boy and Panic! you hear today. It's the Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, Juliana Theory, and Bright Eyes you heard years ago. The only exception I'll give is to what Dashboard and Taking Back Sunday have done--reinvent emo music to a newer more updated sound. I wish people would get that straight. Most of everything else is powerpop.

One day, it'll be me on stage. I'm a drummer. Yes, a chick drummer. When I chose to pick up drumming, people asked me, why not guitar? Because there are a million female guitarists. I wanted something different. I felt guitar was too predictable. I wanted to do something more drastic and unexpected. Plus, when I listen to a song, drums are the first thing I focus on. To me, it's the backbone. It's the beat. No drums, no song. I want to be that backbone. I'm not in a band yet, I'm far from it. I started recently and can play only a few songs, I need about another year or so. But the passion is there, all I have to do is keep my dream.

It's funny, sometimes I daydream about being in a band like I've already done it. I think about what kind of stageperson I would be. I want to be outrageous. I want to drum in my underwear and thigh-highs. I want to bug out and scare people. I want to play $3 shows in a hole in the wall in NYC or by my college, and then afterwards, party with everyone who came. Because it's about enjoying yourselves and making music. If I could do that for the majority of my life, I would be the happiest woman ever.

Thoughts on music industry these days? Share.